OK, I have a bit more that 79 walnuts, but I couldn’t resist using that title.

***French lesson alert***
In French, numbers after 69 get a bit weird, at least if you’re in France. Seventy is actually said “sixty-ten”, followed by “sixty-eleven”, “sixty-twelve”, etc. Eighty opens up a whole new level of strange with “four-twenty”, and ninety becomes “four-twenty-ten”.
In some francophone countries, like Quebec, Belgium and Switzerland for example, they are sane and have actual words for 70, 80 and 90.

This makes learning numbers a nightmare for a French language student. I still have to stop and think when someone has a 90-something in their phone number. But getting back to the nuts. When teaching French numbers to American kids, there’s a lot of snickering when you get to 79 – soixante-dix-neuf, which sounds a lot like “soixante-deez-nuts”… got ’em!

All that just to show you the walnuts that we picked. Well, you don’t actually pick walnuts, you wait until they fall off the tree and then hope you get to them before any little critters do.


La récolte

And once we picked them up, I had no idea what to do with them. I googled a bit in both English and French but couldn’t really find a straight answer. Some people were putting them in the oven and others were drying them outside. In the end, I brushed them with a bit of water to get off the dirt, left them out in the sun for an afternoon, and now I’m planning on letting them dry on a rack hanging from the ceiling for at least a month. Unless anyone can enlighten me on nut drying techniques?

Here’s the main noyer, or walnut tree, that we hit up every day to see if any more have fallen. And also the walnuts before cleaning.

noyer   noix avant

And, finally, a pic of the house, with the ivy removed from the front next to the door. You can see a bit more, but there’s still a long way to go!

house front


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