Paths, water castles and springs

I wanted to show you guys the path leading up to the house – notice I said path and not road. It’s technically a chemin rural (rural path), which means that it belongs to the town, but is principally used by farmers to access their fields. The town has no real obligation to maintain it, but the guy who farms the field across from the house keeps it relatively accessible.

The house is about 200 meters up, past the water tower (which I’ll get to in a minute) and past the entrance to a couple of fields.

because gifs are fun
because gifs are fun

As you can see, it’s a bit of a hike, and since my Clio can’t make it up the path, we’re on foot for now. We might invest in a four-wheeler, but we don’t really need to haul much up or down for the moment. Next up will be the roof, and the roofer can make it up just fine (hopefully).

Back to the water tower, which in French is actually called a water castle – chateau d’eau. The one on our path is straight out of Lost, I get a bit creeped out when I walk by it alone.

the chateau d'eau
the chateau d’eau

The good news about it being so close is that it won’t be too expensive to get our water hooked up. The water pressure is enough to make it up the hill, so we won’t need a pump. They’ll put our meter next to the tower, and we’ll have to then bury pipes for the remaining 150 m. up the hill.

All that is assuming that we want to connect to the water network, because there is apparently a water source near the house. When the house was used as a barn, the animals drank from a pool that was fed by the famous spring. But first we have to find the spring (my mother-in-law is going to loan us her dowsing rods – because she has dowsing rods…), and once we find it, we have to see if it’s on our land or not.

Yesterday, we were looking for the spring and trying to figure out exactly where our property line was, and I looked back towards the house at this view :

why it's all worth it!
why it’s all worth it

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