Before and middle

A neighbor gave us some photos of our house that she thinks she took in the late 1970s, when the house was still in pretty good condition, but we think was no longer being used as a barn. So here’s a little before and middle, with the after still to come!

before and after 1.png
Not quite the same angle, but you get the idea

There were three or four large oak trees right next to the house that were all cut down, which I guess is good since there were some branches over the roof, but it looks a bit bare today in comparison.

before and after 2.png
Yes there was once a roof!

And finally a view with the hills in the background, that you can’t see today 1-because of the vegetation that has grown along the path and 2-because of my very bad photo.

before and after 3.png
Sorry about the backlight…

The clearings that can be seen in the before photos are all gone, it’s just forest now. There was once a lot more farming land in the area – there were even vineyards on the southern-facing slopes across the valley.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but we’ve been doing boring stuff like organizing stones into piles – more on that next time!

In other news, it’s the third Thursday of November, which means – Beaujolais! Santé!




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