Rocks and Robins

Quick update since the last post…not much going on! We’re still eating Thanksgiving leftovers, I’ve been working a bit, and we haven’t been up to the house much in the last week. We’re waiting for some estimates for the roof and other work that we can’t do ourselves, and plus, it’s cold which is not a great motivator.

Here’s a picture of some stacks of rocks.

(somewhat) stable, (mostly) organized piles

These are lauzes or flagstones that covered the roof of both the house and the garage. We organized them by size and will use them to make terraces behind and in front of the house. Next up is placing them (carefully) onto pallets so they’re not too much in the way. And once we begin taking down the rest old roof (in preparation for the new one), we’ll add those stones to the mix, some of which are bigger than me. Very exciting stuff, I know.

Although, in the end, we might not need many stones for the front of the house, because once T started cleaning up a bit by the door, he came across the existing terrace. We knew it was there, but it’s been covered with a good 5 inches of dirt and grass for the last 30 years.

yay! more digging!

I mentioned the garage, but I don’t think I’ve shown you before. As you come up the path, on your left is a structure that has completely fallen down. It was used to store the tractor and other farming stuff I guess. Since it’s right against the field above that is constantly pushing on it, we’re not going to rebuild it. We’ll keep it as is until the house is finished in case we need to use any of the stones, but then we’ll try to sell them off.

yes, those are telephone poles

I promised rocks and I think I delivered, so on to the robins. I got T a subscription to La Hulotte a few years ago, and the latest issue is on…robins! Or the rougegorge (red throat) in French. Without us, 9 of 10 won’t make it through a rough winter. So to help them out, T built a little stone shelter and left out some food: leftover turkey, walnuts and some worms that he had collected for fishing (in the dirt on the top).


bon appetit!

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