New perspectives

Not a new perspective on life or anything deep like that, just a few pictures of the house from viewpoints that I hadn’t seen before.

Spring has almost sprung! We officially signed a contract with the roofer who will start at the end of April, and until then we’re taking advantage of the weather to do some exploring. I spent so many holidays here over the last 8 years, but we only ever lounged around and went swimming in the river. Now that we have (ample) time on our hands, we’re finding all the sights to see and hikes to do.

This wasn’t really much of an exploration, just a walk to soak up some sun and enjoy the views. Starting from the house we headed up to the top of the hill.

View from the top of the field across from the house

After a walk up some more, then down and back around, we wound up on the opposite side from the first photo. It’s taken from the field you can see above the house and to the right.

View from the other side – can barely see the house

Other than the roof, we’re finalizing getting water, which is essential for the roofers, and electricity, which would be nice to have sooner than later, but the roofers can use a generator if they need to.
So we’re dealing with paperwork and phone calls, and trying to decipher the French administrative system. All of which I claim to hate but secretly love.