In the trenches

Lots of goings on at the house!

We had the terrasier (digger, navvy??) around for a week, digging the trench for the water and then digging out the ground floor (which I’ll show you next time).  A super nice guy who has more or less worked for everyone in the village.

Google maps said that it’s 185 meters from the house down to the water tower where they put our hook-up. He started at the top and dug a trench 1 meter deep all the way down.

the trench! and the “garage”
hard at work
the hook-up

Then he laid the water pipe, covered it with a bit of sand, and closed it all up.

So it’s great having water, but we miss our nice little path up to the house! Now it looks like this:


But that means that the roofers can make it up in their truck, most of the time, anyways. It rained a lot the other day and the trail was super muddy. Hopefully it will get better over time!

Next time I’ll show you what he did to the inside of the house.


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