Our house is built on a rock, as you can see at the bottom of the wall.

rocks and stones

Before pouring the concrete foundation, we need a nice level ground floor. So, a while ago, we started digging out the house ourselves, with a pickaxe and a shovel… Needless to say, we gave up pretty quickly and decided to call in the big guns.

We took advantage of the digger who came to do the trench for the water pipe and had him dig out the inside of the house. The week before, we took out as much as we could by hand, but what we did in an hour, he did in about a minute.

First, he dug out in front of the entrance to be able to get inside with his excavator.

the digging begins

Then he preceded to dig out about 2 feet of dirt and huge stones. He put it all right outside to extend the terrace.

a bit more efficient than a pickaxe

And here are the after photos! A little scary to see the bottom of the house just kind of sitting on the rock. Every time we go up, we cross our fingers that it hasn’t fallen down.

the wall is gone!
the rock
view from above
ground floor entrance inside
ground floor entrance outside

He also leveled out the path leading down to the ground floor. I could almost make it down in my Clio.


Now the main path is more or less passable (depending on how much it’s rained) and the roofers are doing their thing. It’s awesome having building professionals working on the house, because they get so much more done than we ever could on our own. Writing them a huge check is a little less awesome.

Up next, the roof!


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