The Roof – part 1: the takedown

Before putting up a new roof, the old one had to come down. Here’s a reminder of the state of the roof back when we first bought the house:

view from field
covered in holes and ivy

And here’s the ivy that was entrenched in the stones of the roof. This is after we had already removed the bits that we could reach.

attack of the super annoying ivy

We wanted to save as many of the roof stones as we could to use to make a terrace one of these days. The ones around the edges of the roof are taller than I am, which meant that I wasn’t much help getting them down. So T’s method was to slide them down the ladder.

Once most of the stones were off, we were left with the wooden frame.

blue sky
door frame
first floor 360+

Then the roofers came and the real work began. They had super heavy duty equipment so they were able to take down the remaining stones (that were too big for T to take down by himself) and all of the boards and beams. With the stones came the ivy, too.

ivy, stones and boards gone! scaffolding up
taking down the beams
our super duper father-son roofers

It took them about a day to take down the roof and put up the scaffolding. Here are some no-roof photos – the house looked even more like a ruin than before! Plus it was rainy and cloudy all week so it looks all ominous.

naked house
can’t tell if it looks bigger or smaller
beams and boards :/

Next up, the roof goes up!


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