A garden and a doorway

Hi there, it’s been a while. I felt like there hadn’t been any major progress, so I didn’t really know what to post about. Plus, life kind of got in the way. But now that I’m looking back to find pictures, there’s a whole lot I can show you. Two things in particular: the garden and the bathroom.

So when I left off, we had finished the roof. You can see it here along with recent progress on the future vegetable garden.

almost like a real house

For reference, here’s what the vegetation looked like before. And an action shot of the brush-cutting which T did in February. 99% him by the way. I threw some branches on the fire but that’s about it.

before … and burning

On to the bathroom, which will be in the lean-to on the left side of the house. After our roofers finished, half of the old roof was inside the lean-to, so we had to dig it out (I actually did help with that!). And once we did, we got to the rock that the house is built on. We had a mini rock quarry operation going on, where T excavated slabs of rock to try and get a level ground.

left-July, right-October

Now that it was a bit cleaned up, we could call on our father-son roofing-masonry  team to come and open up a doorway between the main house and the bathroom.

lintel in place, stones coming down on the son side
the father side
the opening complete, beginning to concrete

And finally, the finished product. Since the bathroom is higher than the main house, the stairs will go down from the front door, stop at a landing in front of the door to the bathroom, then turn back down towards the ground floor.

view from the front door … and back up

More views

from the main house … looking down into the bathroom from the front

Next up is getting everything ready to pour the concrete floor in both the main house and the bathroom. Which means more digging, putting in drains (inside and outside), leveling, and then a whole bunch of layers of stuff to keep out the humidity and solidify the floor.

A bientôt!


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