Christmas (lights) in Aveyron

Merry Christmas y’all!

About 30 minutes from us in Aveyron is a tiny little village called Salmanac. About 15 years ago, the residents decided to go all out for Christmas and light up the village. Today, they get about 40,000 visitors over the holidays.

To get in the Christmas spirit, we took a little stroll through the lit-up village. They had a little stand with hot chocolate, but since there wasn’t any mulled wine, we didn’t stay too long!

Here are some pics!



christmas overload


duck hunt


giraffes and baby jesus



in case you forgot this is sheep country


more sheep!

Hope everyone is having a good time eating and drinking (lots) with those you love!


Hiking in the southern Aveyron

We don’t work on the house on Sundays. This was decided right about when the first Sunday rolled around after we’d be living here. We needed to have a day where we didn’t feel guilty about not putting on our work gloves and hauling shovels up to the house.

Instead, Sundays usually include a randonnée, as is the case for most French people. After Sunday lunch with the family, the trails fill up with with hikers out for the traditional balade de dimanche. This is what we were expecting when we headed out on a hike a few weeks ago, but we had the trail all to ourselves.

hiking near Saint-Affrique
hiking near Saint-Affrique

Just wanted to share a few photos of beautiful southern Aveyron 🙂



If anyone is in the area, here’s the info for the hike.